Lamar Odom Was 'Dead' When He Got to the Hospital After Overdose

lamar odom

If you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you saw on Sunday's episode just how serious Lamar Odom's overdose really was. The family stopped shooting during the incident, and neither Lamar nor the hospital have been seen in the show at all, but while talking to a friend, Kris Jenner revealed that, according to a doctor, Lamar was dead when he arrived at the hospital. Terrifying. 


During Kim's surprise birthday party, Kris was talking to one of the guests and she revealed that Lamar's doctor told her, "He came in here dead, so the fact that he’s alive is a miracle." Whoa. Kris also revealed that police served the former NBA player a search warrant while he was lying in a hospital bed. 

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We all know that what happened to Lamar was incredibly serious, but who knew his recovery was a miracle? Hopefully, he continues to make progress -- and hopefully he'll get his life completely in order and never touch drugs again. 

Thank goodness the Kardashian clan was there for Lamar in his time of need -- and smart move on their part not filming anything having to do with his overdose. That would have been seriously déclassé. 

Here's to hoping Lamar keeps getting better. If a miracle isn't enough motivation for him, not sure what is. 


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