Khloe Kardashian Once Walked in on Her Boyfriend Having a Threesome

khoe kardashianDuring a very candid game of True or False played with her Glam Squad Jen Atkin and Hrush Achemyan, Khloe Kardashian revealed that she once walked in on her then-boyfriend having a threesome. Can we all agree that Khloe has been through enough in her life?!


Do these things even happen in real life? I guess they do. Because even though her pals thought it was a false statement, it was true. True!! She didn't reveal who that boyfriend was but she did say that he met the two women he was having a threesome with at the mall. What?!

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French Montana? Lamar Odom? Matt Kemp? Rashad McCants?

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I'm going to rule out Lamar only because I can't see him picking up chicks from the mall like that. Not that I could picture any of those guys doing that. But as we know, people have done dumber things.

We do know there was unfaithfulness on Lamar's part when he and Khloe were together. And it hurts me to know that this sort of thing happens to Khloe a lot. She just seems like the perfect partner in life -- so kind and giving, beautiful and super funny. Sure she's a bit brash, but in the best way. What is the deal here?

How does one even get over seeing the person they love getting it on with two other people? I would imagine that they broke up after Khloe walked in on this spectacle. At least, I hope so. We all know that Khloe is forgiving and gives second, third, and fourth chances. I'm glad she can laugh about it now.


Image via Khloe Kardashian/YouTube

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