Kylie Jenner Has the Wrong Idea on When to Start Having Babies

kylie jennerThe youngest of the Kardashian sisters made quite the statement on when she thought was the right time to have babies. Kylie Jenner feels age 30 is way too late to have kids. Before we get annoyed, let's remember that Kylie is just 18.


Just why Kylie is mentioning baby-having is sort of her dad's fault. While talking with Caitlyn Jenner on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie asked what was the perfect time to have kids. Kylie's 26-year-old boyfriend Tyga was there, too. (The status of their relationship at current time is questionable.) Now let's remember that Tyga is a dad -- he had a son with his ex Blac Chyna when he was 22. Let's also recall that Chyna is dating Kylie's brother Rob Kardashian.

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The whole thing is making my head spin. But here's the other rub ... when Cait says that she thinks 30 is a good age to start having kids, Kylie exclaims that 30 is way too old. She technically said "it's too late," but "older" moms everywhere cringed.

Oh Kylie. Thirty is not too late. Not at all.

Let's delve into this for a moment. She just watched as her sister Kim had her second baby at 35 and experienced some health issues. Kim had preeclampsia during her first pregnancy, too. So maybe Kylie is seeing that and is worrying that the same will happen to her, so she thinks early is better. I'm understanding her comment a bit more with that considered. Still, Kylie needs to know that 30 isn't too late at all. In fact, there really isn't a "perfect" time to have kids -- but one marker would be when she feels she is ready. Even though ... are we ever really ready?

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One thing I know for sure, having kids with Tyga right now is not at all the right time.


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