Kim Kardashian Posts Pic Proving North West Is Totally Daddy's Little Girl (PHOTO)

kanye and north westThe Yeezus is strong with this one! If there's ever been any question as to which of her superstar parents North West takes after more, a recent pic posted by mama Kim Kardashian should settle that debate once and for all: North West and Kanye West are total twinsies!


Kim posted the comparison shots on her website and app, writing:

"I love seeing these side-by-side pics of North and Kanye. Everyone always says how much Kanye and North look alike, they make so many of the same faces, LOL!"

Uh, YEAH they do. Like this face!

Wow. Insert every known cliché about apples not falling far from trees here. Good lord, that is one cute little girl! And while she definitely does resemble her mom in some ways (I would say her eyes and her bone structure are more Kim than Kanye), she's a Daddy's girl for sure -- and she's clearly got the attitude to prove it! 

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Wouldn't it be funny if Saint turned out to be Kim's male doppelganger? Except sources say the little boy looks exactly like North, so maybe not. Either way, he's gotta be adorable!


Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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