Feminist Force Amber Rose Tells Kanye West to Shut His Trap About Her Kid

Like we needed another reason to love Amber Rose. The model and mom not only shut down Kanye West during a Twitter feud between Yeezy and Wiz Khalifa -- both dudes who happen to be her exes -- but she also took to a podcast to chastise Kanye for dragging her son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz into the mess. 


Listen to Amber shut it down: 

 Her best line:

You never talk about a baby ever. This just shows how f**king ridiculous he is. 

She is absolutely right. I mean, come on, Kanye. (Yes, this is my personal plea to Kanye.) You have a daughter of your own and a brand-new son. So not only did you go on your Twitter rampage and slut-shame Amber for how she used to be a stripper -- and HELLO, this is 2016, Kanye; there is nothing wrong or disgraceful about a woman being a stripper -- but you also seem to forget that your own spouse was made famous for being in a sex tape. 

What Kanye is teaching his son, should his son ever grow up to read about this mess (and HELLO again, Kanye, the Internet is 4ever!), is that it's okay to disrespect women who are sexual beings. He's also teaching his daughter that it's totally cool if she grows up and lets a man talk to her the way he talks about Amber. 

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Plus, dragging Amber's son into it is just so tacky, and I think that's what Amber means by corny -- it's just lame.  How would he feel if someone talked about his kids on Twitter? He'd probably sue them. I think it's safe to say that Kanye isn't just disrespecting Amber and her kid -- he's dissing women everywhere. Maybe Kim can throat-punch him or something. 


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