12 Times the Kardashians Made Us Cringe by Wearing Waist Trainers


For those who have ever wondered how Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian (not to mention the rest of the crew) get those tiny little waistlines on their curvy little bodies -- we have two words: waist trainers. They don't exactly look like a whole lot of fun to wear, but the Kardashian ladies seem to swear by their power to whittle down their middles like nothing else. They are often promoting brands of them and posing in them on social media. 


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Of course most of the ladies (Kim, Khloe, and Kylie particularly) are pretty much known for their curves -- and all of the ladies in the family seem to love showing off their bodies, their fitness/eating routines, and apparently even their shape wear. 

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However, with how often these ladies wear waist trainers, we cannot imagine that it is good for them. They are extremely tight, they make the person sweat a lot, and sometimes it can be hard to breathe. It's basically a modern-day corset used for "fitness" purposes. Even though the KarJenner ladies use them, I wouldn't suggest trying this at home. 

Take a look at just how many times they've showed these things off! Our apologies in advance for all the cringing that's about to happen.

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