Pippa Middleton's Wardrobe Can Be All Yours (PHOTOS)

pippa middletonWhile our eyes are mostly on Princess Kate, her sister Pippa Middleton also wows us with her fashion choices. And now there are two gorgeous pieces that Pippa helped design that will be auctioned off for a great cause.


Pippa is working to raise money for the British Heart Foundation for the Roll out the Red auction. And check out what's being auctioned -- this scarf! It's a limited edition design by Tabitha Webb and Pippa -- yep, she helped create it.

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pippa middleton clothes

And this dress! Tabitha Webb and Pippa collaborated on this gorgeous number, too.

pippa middletton

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Those colors! That design! I could totally see Kate in that dress! It makes me fancy a spot of tea. But let's focus on the philanthropic work of Pippa.

Pippa's clothes are two pieces that will be a part of the online auction before the big event. So, they could be yours! You could bid on these silent auction items online at Rolloutauction.com. And no matter what the final cost of whoever ends up getting it is, that person will walk away with something so pretty and supporting an important cause. All from the clothes off someone's back. Applause for Pip!


Images via Splash/British Heart Foundation

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