Kanye West Fires Back at Amber Rose's Claims About His Freaky Bedroom Habits

kanye west

Just when it seemed like he took the high road, Kanye West fires back at Amber Rose for her recent attack on him. After Yeezy's ex wrote on Twitter that Kanye liked it when she put her fingers in his a** (yes, this really happened between two adults), Kanye chose to step away from the fight in favor of "positive vibes." But now Kanye's coming back at Amber, which, as we all know, means Amber will come back at him. 


On Twitter on Thursday, the father of two wrote:

You hear that, guys? Kanye stays away from that area altogether. 

Then, to clear things up even more, Kanye added:

Oh. Okay. 

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It goes without saying that this has gotten completely ridiculous. Aside from the fact that Amber is being immature af, Kanye would have looked much better if he just stayed quiet about her accusations. Seriously, dude, we believe you. You don't need to tell us what does it for you. 

Understandably, Kim Kardashian, who has stayed quiet this whole time (good for her!), is reportedly livid about the whole thing. She obviously doesn't need a vivid picture of what her man and his ex did in the bedroom -- and she doesn't need the world to know either. 

Hopefully Amber and Kanye will just agree to disagree and go their separate ways. After all, they're not only just adults, but they're also both parents of young kids, for God's sake. Do either of them really want their kids reading this crap one day?


Image via Asadorian-Mejia/Splash News

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