Rob Kardashian's Romance With Blac Chyna Is Pushing Kris Jenner Over the Edge

The life of a momager isn't easy, especially when one of your charges falls out of line. Right now Kris Jenner is freaking out over Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's relationship. It may just be the thing that sends her over the edge.


As we know, Blac Chyna is a sworn enemy of the Kardashian family. Once Kim's bestie and favorite workout pal, she has been ousted since Kylie Jenner started dating her baby daddy Tyga. Such a tangled web! Now that Rob has conveniently chosen to start shacking up with his family's nemesis, Kris is going berserk.

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Doesn't this feel like some kind of weird, manipulative Romeo & Juliet situation?

But Rob isn't the only one who is getting the side eye from Kris. Radar Online reports that she gave Kylie a stern talking-to after the 18-year-old posted some pretty heinous messages about her one and only brother.

We actually feel for Kris in this situation. She's built a huge empire for her kids based on their family connection, and this in-fighting isn't exactly good for business ... or her emotional well-being. We may never know if Rob and Blac Chyna are actually that into each other or just trying to get a rise out of his family, but hopefully Kris can diffuse the situation before it gets even more out of control.


Image via Roshon Perera/Splash News

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