Kate Middleton's Diet & Workout Plan Is So Easy Anyone Can Follow It

The Duchess of Cambridge has maintained a svelte, enviable figure for years, even after delivering two children and dealing with the stress that accompanies her public role. So what's her secret? Kate Middleton's workout and diet secrets have been revealed, and they aren't as difficult to follow as you might think.


Don't expect to find the 34-year-old royal glued to a cardio machine at the gym -- she's a big fan of outdoor activities and tries to burn calories and build muscle while engaging in fun sports. Kate reportedly loves skiing, swimming, running, and rowing, which is something she can do in the privacy of a private gym at Clarence Hall. Instead of dedicating a separate workout session to lifting weights, she tries to include weights in her outdoor cardio and multitasks by combining moves -- for example, squats with lunges or push-ups with step-ups.

Given her busy schedule, it makes sense that Kate would seamlessly incorporate exercise into her life instead of blocking out a chunk of each day to slave over machines at the gym. I'm not at all surprised to learn she loves yoga, as well, and relies on it to decompress, stretch her muscles, and give her better soundness of mind.

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Of course, the best workout routine in the world is going to do very little if you're not paying close attention to the foods you eat. It makes me happy to hear that Kate hates dieting (yes!) and chooses not to employ a dietitian or personal trainer. Instead, she practices common sense and fuels up on lean meats, vegetables, and seafood. She doesn't deprive herself of indulgences, either, and is said to occasionally chow down on foods like Kettle chips, salami, and British candies.

The best thing about Kate's diet and fitness "secrets" is that they aren't at all mysterious and actually sound attainable. She practices moderation and proves that everyone, including a naturally slender person like herself, needs to exercise in order to stay healthy and toned.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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