Amber Rose Spills Embarrassing Details About Kanye West's Sex Life

kanye westTMI, dude! Never one to be a shrinking violet, Amber Rose unleashed a sea of Twitter fury on Kanye West on Tuesday after he and Amber's ex, Wiz Khalifa, got into a social media fight. Things may have been taken a little too far, though, when Amber shared how she used to dominate Kanye in the bedroom ... among other things. 


Wiz and Kanye got into it after Kanye changed his album name from Swish to Waves. Wiz said he was ripping off rapper Max B's style, and an all-out war broke out, where Kanye told Wiz that he "let a stripper trap him."

Bad move. 

Once that was said, Amber got involved and told the world that Kanye used to like it when she, um, stuck her fingers in his butt. Lovely, right? Way to keep it classy, guys. 

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Kanye has since deleted all of the tweets, but according to a source, Amber loooooves talking about how she used to dominate Kanye in the bedroom. In fact, there are rumors out there that she may even have the photos to prove it. Awk-ward!

We all know that Kanye isn't necessarily one to let things roll off his back. Dude's got a bit of a temper and always speaks his mind. However, he probably should think twice before messing with Amber Rose. From the sound of things, she's got a whole arsenal of info on Kanye and she isn't afraid to use it.


Image via SkyFall /London Entertainment/Splash News

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