Scott Disick Doesn't Think It's Too Late to Marry Kourtney Kardashian

scott disick

Too little, too late? On a recent episode of Khloe Kardashian's new show, Kockails With Khloe, Scott Disick admitted to wanting to marry Kourtney Kardashian. The Lord's admission was part of a game, but still -- clearly the dude is still pining after his ex. 


During the show, Khloe --  very weirdly -- asked Scott to play the game F***, Marry, Kill with Kourtney, Kim, and herself. Scott wasted no time saying that he'd "bang Khloe, kill Kim, and marry [his] girl." Awwwww. But still. Very weird. 

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Scott and Kourtney always seemed perfectly content being in a serious relationship with each other while not getting married. Perhaps Scott has had a change of heart recently with everything that's been going on. From the sound of things, he'd marry Kourtney in a second if she agreed. 

A lot of people are giving Scott crap right now for saying that he'd want to sleep with his pseudo-sister-in-law -- which, yes, is definitely odd -- but clearly there was no right answer in this twisted question. It's kind of funny that he said he'd kill Kim, but what was he going to do? Say he'd want to marry Khloe? It was a no-win situation. 

In the episode, Scott seems pretty sad and generally over things. Hopefully, he and Kourtney can find a way to patch things up one day. It's of course going to take time, but if he keeps at it, he just might be able to win her back. 


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