22 Old-School Photos of Kim Kardashian That Made Us Do a Double Take

22 Old-School Photos of Kim Kardashian That Made Us Do a Double Take

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Clearly, Kim Kardashian has always been a beautiful woman, but she hasn't always looked like she does today. Despite the fact that her long, long locks and glossy lips seem to be a mainstay, there definitely have been some changes to Kim over the years. Before there was Kanye, before there was North, there was just a girl from Calabasas with a dream. From cheesy tankinis to, well, cheesy makeup, we can't get over Kim's transformation. 

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Remember how there was once a time when there wasn't a wide-belt in all of Southern California that Kim Kardashian couldn't manage to wrap around an outfit? We do. Blame the mid-aughts, but Kimmie's style was truly trifling back in the day. She seemingly tried every early 2000s trend under the sun -- statement necklaces, body-con Herve Leger dresses, giant sunglasses, and even asymmetrical bangs. Not that we are ones to judge, because TBH we wore those things too, but it just seems so strange, seeing as how today we tend to think that Kim drives trends, not follows them. But even the most fashionable person has to start somewhere. We found some of our favorite TBT pictures of Kim that are sure to remind us all of how far she's come. Can that really be Kim?

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