Rob Kardashian Shacking Up With Blac Chyna Since Khloe Kicked Him Out

Grab some popcorn and settle in, because there's even more drama unfolding in the Kardashian family. According to reports, Rob Kardashian just moved in with Blac Chyna ... after Khloe kicked him out of her house. Ouch.


According to TMZ (which always seems to have the most insider-y of Kardashian sources), Rob is shacking up at Blac Chyna's place on a temporary basis until he figures out a more permanent living situation. In fact, the article suggests no one should be that surprised by the move since he has known Tyga's ex forever ... she used to be Kim's bestie once upon a time.

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On the one hand, we kind of admire Rob's chutzpah. Clearly he has an ax to grind with his family and doesn't give a you-know-what if this newfound relationship with Blac Chyna angers them.

On the other hand, we don't love the idea that Blac Chyna is probably using the lone Kardashian male to get back at the entire clan, particularly Kylie Jenner. Rob is in a vulnerable position as it is as he tries to cope with his recent diabetes diagnosis and get his health back on track, not to mention he's clearly very depressed and self-conscious. It feels like a horrible mix on so many levels.

If we were Rob, we wouldn't keep up this act of rebellion for too long. We certainly wouldn't want to feel the wrath of his sisters and mama in the long-term. Then again, maybe this is exactly what the youngest Kardashian wants in order to cut the chord from his famous family.


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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