Queen Elizabeth's Next Major Milestone Is Also a Sad One

She's already the longest-reigning monarch in Great Britain, and now Prince William and Prince Harry's beloved grandmother is about to achieve yet another milestone. In a few days, Queen Elizabeth will be honored for spending 64 years as queen, but the occasion is as somber as it is happy.


Elizabeth, 89, took on the role of queen on February 6, 1953, after the death of her father, King George VI. For obvious reasons, she isn't about to throw herself a gala to celebrate the milestone, because with it comes the desire to reflect upon her father's life and mourn his loss.

The day is known as Accession Day in Great Britain, and it's one that the queen usually spends at Sandringham House, where she'll usually do little more than host a quiet, low-key event with, I'm guessing, close family members. The palace has yet to announce the queen's plans for the day, and it's assumed Elizabeth will not be kicking up her heels or making a big fuss about the occasion. It really is a bittersweet one. If the trade-off for assuming the throne is losing a person you love deeply, I'm sure 99.9 percent of people on the planet would gladly give up that role to keep their family member healthy.

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Still, Elizabeth faced her destiny with strength and dignity and deserves to be honored for representing her country for decades. Believe it or not, despite her age, the queen took on 341 public duties last year — more than her grandsons and Kate Middleton combined. If that isn't a solid work ethic, I don't know what is. And she isn't slowing down any time soon. She's expected to take her show on the road soon after Accession Day by heading to London for meetings with diplomats and UK prime minister David Cameron.

In other words: 64 years and going strong.


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