Kim Kardashian Gets Real About Breastfeeding Baby Saint

It's hard out there for a celebrity toddler vying for her mom's attention. Kim Kardashian revealed that North hates when she breastfeeds baby Saint -- so much so that she goes to extreme measures to prevent her mom from completing the task!


Kim took to her blog to talk all about nursing, and how she keeps Saint fed despite North's attempts to thwart breastfeeding from occurring. The reality star discovered that if her daughter "helps" feed Saint, she's less likely to get in the way. So how do they make it happen?

Kim pumps (she says she produces so much milk that Kris Jenner's freezer is overflowing with the stuff) and then lets North give Saint a bottle filled with the good stuff. This way the 2-year-old feels like she's participating, and the infant gets the food he needs.

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Ah, the trials and tribulations of taking care of two children under the age of 3. But it sounds like Kim is handling it like a pro. In the blog post, she also admits that having kids has completely changed her tune about breastfeeding in public. While she personally wouldn't feel comfortable feeding Saint in the middle of a restaurant, she says to each her own, and understands why other women are totally fine with it.

Good for Kim for admitting that maybe she was a little too judgy of other moms in the past, and for pumping tons of that liquid gold for Saint. Because as all moms know -- pumpin' ain't easy.


Image via RobO/Splash News

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