Celebrities Who Gave Birth After Turning 45

Michele Marin | Jul 18, 2016 Celebrities
Celebrities Who Gave Birth After Turning 45

More and more Hollywood moms seem to be having children later in life (and by later we mean after the age of 45). Some were surprised by the news, while others conceived with the help of modern medicine. The national birth rate for women over 45 is still relatively low — less than 1 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — in part because some critics believe pregnancy after 45 is not healthy for the mother nor the child. Nonetheless, a growing number of celebrity moms are defying the odds and having babies after 45.

The following celebrity moms make getting pregnant after 45 look effortless — or do they? Truthfully, several have been open about their struggles with infertility and IVF. Read on to find out which celebrity moms gave birth after 45.


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  • Susan Sarandon — 46


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    There was a time when Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon did not think she would ever conceive a child. Sarandon and her partner, Tim Robbins, were told by doctors that she had endometriosis and having children would be difficult, if not impossible. Much to her surprise, Susan Sarandon gave birth to her third child, Miles Guthrie, in 1992 when she was 46.

  • Jane Kaczmarek — 46


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    Malcolm in the Middle star Jane Kaczmarek gave birth to her third child, Mary Louisa, just shy of her 47th birthday. Mary Louisa was not the first child the Emmy-nominated actress had in her 40s. Kaczmarek, who is married to actor Bradley Whitford, delivered her first child at 42, her second at 44, and her third at 46.

  • Halle Berry — 47


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    No one was more surprised to find out that Halle Berry was pregnant than the star herself. The actress gave birth to her son, Maceo, with then-fiancé Oliver Martinez (pictured) when she was 47! Berry also has a daughter, Nahla, from a previous relationship with model Gabriel Aubry.

  • Kelly Preston — 47


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    In 2010, Kelly Preston announced she was pregnant at the age of 47. While Preston never revealed if she conceived naturally or with donor eggs, the star and her husband, John Travolta, welcomed son Benjamin in November of that year. The joyous news came on the heels of the devastating loss of the couple's son Jett.

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  • Iman — 45


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    The gorgeous former model Iman, and her now-deceased husband, David Bowie, attempted to conceive with two IVF cycles, but both failed. The couple was considering adoption when suddenly Iman conceived naturally at age 45. She gave birth to daughter, Alexandria Zahra, in 2000.

  • Geena Davis — 48


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    Oscar winner Geena Davis gave birth to a daughter, Alizeh, in 2002, at age 46. Two years later, Davis became pregnant with twin boys. The actress and her husband, a neurosurgeon 15 years her junior, welcomed Kian and Kiias when Davis was 48.

  • Holly Hunter — 47


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    Holly Hunter became a first-time mom at the age of 47. The Oscar winner and her partner, British actor Gordon MacDonald (pictured here), welcomed twin boys, Claude and Press, in 2006.

  • Beverly D'Angelo — 49

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    Beverly D'Angelo, who relied on IVF to conceive, delivered twins Anton and Olivia in Los Angeles at the age of 49! The actress made her boyfriend at the time, actor Al Pacino, a father at 60. The couple are no longer together.

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  • Nancy Grace — 48


    Image via Good Housekeeping

      • Television journalist Nancy Grace refers to her twins as "miracle babies." Grace and her husband, David Linch, welcomed twins John David and Lucy Elizabeth in 2008. Already 48 at the time, Grace kept the details of how she got pregnant quiet. Nancy Grace's pregnancy was marked with difficulty, including a preterm delivery and a visit back to the hospital with postpartum complications. 
  • Laura Linney — 49


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    Laura Linney kept her pregnancy under wraps for nine months! No easy feat for stars often followed by photogs. In January 2014, at the age of 49, Linney gave birth to her first child, a healthy baby boy, Bennett Armistead. Linney is married to Marc Schauer.

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