One Direction's 'History' Is Basically a Breakup Letter to Fans (VIDEO)

We know that all good things must come to an end, but we were left emotionally unprepared for One Direction's farewell music video, "History." The song is the third single from the band's fifth album, Made in the A.M., and likely their last, considering that they're now on indefinite hiatus.


The video features Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson singing against a brick wall background, and it is interspersed with clips from their biggest moments. They included everything from the moment when Simon Cowell grouped them together for their 2010 X Factor win, to behind-the-scenes footage of all of them -- including Zayn Malik, who left the group in 2015.

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Plus Harry cuddles with a giant teddy bear, Niall shows off some sexy new specs, and we're basically as overwhelmed with the feels as the those in B-roll footage of their fans.

Liam revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the song and video are "a little bit of closure for this chapter of One Direction." He also said that he came up with the idea because he wanted to let fans know how much they're appreciated, because they're the ones who made the group so successful.

"It's really great because obviously that song is mainly about the fans and what they've done; I think it was important that they were a part of it, to close the album," he said.

Feel all the feels!


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

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