Kate Middleton & Queen Elizabeth Are Reportedly Getting Botox

If you're itching to know why Queen Elizabeth rarely smiles, we have the best possible explanation ever. The royals are reportedly getting Botox treatments and, not surprisingly, Duchess Camilla of Cornwall is being blamed for convincing the queen to freeze her wrinkles — which has apparently left her unable to move her face.


For several years now, there have been murmurs about Kate Middleton, 34, dashing off to the plastic surgeon in secret to receive Botox treatments for fine lines on her forehead. Even though the in-office procedure is incredibly common now and a lot of women do it and look perfectly natural, I have my doubts about whether the duchess is resorting to Botox injections just yet — though anything is possible and I don't see the big deal about it if it makes her feel better about her appearance.

But the latest rumor is harder to swallow. Camilla is reportedly a big fan of Botox and, in an effort to get into Elizabeth's good graces (something she has been attempting to do for no fewer than 30 years, if you believe the gossip), she had a talk with the 89-year-old monarch about the benefits of Botox. Camilla reportedly told the queen that there are zero side effects to the injections and Queen E. took her word for it and asked the royal dermatologist to visit Buckingham Palace and magically make her wrinkles disappear.

Can you guess what supposedly happened next? The queen, a woman who is intelligent and headstrong enough to last this long in power, apparently took Camilla at her word, didn't question her doctors about Botox (or, I guess, read the fine print when asked to sign a waiver form), and went for it. Royal sources told Celebrity Dirty Laundry the monarch can now "barely move her jaw to speak. Now, it's also difficult for [Queen Elizabeth] to chew food. And smiling is out of the question."

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Of course, Camilla has reportedly been "banned" from the palace because of her enthusiasm for Botox and ability to make the queen trust her above all royal doctors. Poor Camilla never gets a break, does she?

I don't think Botox is a big deal or something shameful that women need to do in secret, but the queen doesn't strike me as someone who gives much thought to fighting the signs of aging, so I'm not sure how much I buy this rumor. Wasn't she the same person who, according to rumors, suggested just a few months ago that Kate embrace her gray hair because it makes her look more regal? 

Sound like yet another attempt to pin Elizabeth and Camilla against one another — a familiar game that never gets old. 


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