Kendall Jenner Has Reportedly Been Betrayed by Harry Styles

In the most non-shocking gossip of the day, rumors are swirling that Harry Styles is cheating on Kendall Jenner. Yes, just days after we were swooning that he gave Kendall his favorite T-shirt as a keepsake, the One Directioner is apparently hooking up with another chick.


According to Radar Online, a stylist named Pandora Lennard was seen heading over to Harry's pad in the very, very early hours of Saturday morning and didn't exit his abode until noon. The timing certainly doesn't make it seem like they were just getting together for a platonic hang sesh.

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Haven't we learned anything from all 182 songs Taylor Swift has written about Harry? The guy is supposedly a dog.

But before we get too crazy about Harry wronging Kendall, let's admit that we have no idea what kind of arrangement these two have. Yes, they spent a romantic vacay together just a few weeks ago, but Kendall is an in-demand supermodel with a crazy schedule, and if we're up to date on our 1D news, the band is taking a break and Harry is working on his solo career. Basically, they both have a lot going on -- so it's entirely possible that they haven't made any sort of commitment to each other.

Still, I wouldn't cross a Jenner, Harry. Kendall's sisters will eat you for breakfast, dude. Trust.


Image via Aficionado Group/Splash News

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