Kate Middleton Invites Prince George's School Friends Over for Playdates

Here's one playdate you'd actually look forward to: Kate Middleton reportedly hosts Prince George's playdates with nursery school friends, and now we're dying to know what they all get up to at Anmer Hall.


George, 2, recently started school at Westacre Montessori School near the royal family's home in Norfolk. In an effort to help the prince grow up with as normal a life as possible, Kate and Prince William have reportedly been inviting George's nursery school friends to their home to have very normal playdates. Here's where I should add: to have playdates that are as normal as possible given the fact that they are royalty. This means Kate and Will plan on vetting their guests carefully and providing top-notch security to ensure everyone is protected.

A source revealed to Bella magazine: "Kate and William are very sociable and want to get involved in all aspects of his nursery life, which includes meeting his new friends. There would be security checks on parents coming into their home, and personal 'family areas' of the estate would be out of bounds, but there are plenty of communal areas where George's friends can visit."

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This is fantastic news — for George as well as for Kate and William. The prince will have an opportunity to learn how to play and get along with his peers in a comfortable, safe setting, and Kate and Will will get the chance to meet like-minded parents whom they can, hopefully, befriend. It can't be easy for them to find other adults whom they trust and who are not solely interested in getting to know them because of their status and power. They're going to have to be very careful as George and Charlotte grow, to help steer them in the direction of friends who aren't interesting in using them for their names.

It may seem like Kate and Will have it made, but in reality, they face the same anxiety and concerns raising their children as the rest of us do — perhaps even more. It's sweet to know they're doing their part to help raise down-to-earth and levelheaded children.


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