Caitlyn Jenner's Selfie Stick Video Shows Hilarity of a Parent Using New Technology

caitlyn jennerCaitlyn Jenner has been stunning us with those gorgeous legs and enviable outfits, but her latest video reminds us that she is a parent -- and grandparent -- trying to figure out how to use new gadgets. Watching Cait trying out a selfie stick for the first time is extremely amusing.


Now I'm not poking fun -- I have issue with this thing too and I'm not a grandparent just yet. It's just so funny -- makes me want to say "kids these days and their dang technology!"

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Learning to use my new toy... #TGIF

Posted by Caitlyn Jenner on Friday, January 22, 2016

The selfie stick -- yes, I have one. It was a gift from my parents for Christmas. So funny, I know. I was psyched -- finally I could take a photo of me and my kids together and not just have photos of the kids. And here Cait shows us that she can take video, giving us a glimpse of her house all while enjoying some wine.

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She has the right idea with that one. Also, I love her in the color white -- gorgeous. (Goes with the wine and the couch and the curtains.) But also hilarious, perhaps unintentionally so. The "I've never used one of these before" and then "how do you shut it off?" comments are comedy gold. I felt like I was watching my own mom attempting to use a selfie stick for the first time. Cait is adorable and isn't afraid to poke a little fun at herself and just be real. I'm looking forward to more selfie stick fun from her. Hopefully she can set up that thingie where you can press a button on the handle to turn it off.


Image via Caitlyn Jenner/Facebook

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