Kylie Jenner 'Doesn't Trust' Tyga Anymore & Who Could Blame Her?

kylie jennerSounds like Tyga probably won't be welcome on any future Kardashian/Jenner vacations (well, not like he was really welcome on the last one): Sources say that 18-year-old Kylie Jenner's relationship with the 26-year-old rapper is still on for the moment, but things are "strained" -- and it's all due to Tyga's wandering eye.


According to an insider who spoke with People, it was the recent talk about Tyga hooking up with Brazilian model Annalu Cardoso that apparently bought the couple a one-way ticket to Splitsville -- and even if they're not there yet, they will be soon:

"They have a very 'high school' relationship and argue and bicker all the time about stuff for no reason, and that's because Kylie doesn't trust Tyga after all the reports came out about him cheating," said the source.

Yeah, well. Can you blame her?! 'Cause in addition to Cardoso, Tyga's also been photographed hanging out with the (eerily Kylie-esque) Val Mercado, an aspiring model/singer:

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A photo posted by Val Mercado (clothesmindedx3) (@val.mercado) on

Umm, yeah, I wouldn't be pissed at all if I were Kylie. Except, YES I WOULD! I'd be like, Good-bye, you slightly creepy guy who was always too old for me but I wouldn't listen when everybody tried to tell me and why wouldn't I listen? Oh yeah, 'cause you bought me that car.

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Look, Kylie, you're young. So young! You're gorgeous. You can get any guy you want! At your age, changing boyfriends is as easy as changing hair color, and just think how great you are at doing that!


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