Denise Richards Claims Charlie Sheen Threatened to Kill Her & Their Daughters

denise richardsFor years, it seemed as if Denise Richards was the most supportive, tolerant ex-wife in the world -- especially since her ex-husband is Charlie Sheen. (Let's just say she put up with a lot.) But it seems as if even Richards has reached her limit: The 44-year-old actress filed a lawsuit against Sheen this week alleging that the 50-year-old HIV-positive actor threatened her life -- and the lives of their two daughters!


The lawsuit (or what we know of it) is sort of confusing and has mainly to do with finances; specifically, that Sheen is apparently now refusing to comply with the purchase of a home he was supposed to buy for Richards and their daughters (10-year-old Lola and 11-year-old Sam) after threatening to evict them from the home next door to his (where he reportedly "begged" them to move in 2013). Richards is asking for a $1.2 million down payment from her ex for the purchase of a new house (NOT next door to Sheen, we presume) which she says he previously agreed to pay for via the children's trust fund.

But while all of that sounds admittedly stressful and bad, the REALLY disturbing part of this lawsuit concerns the communication between Sheen and his daughters (and Denise, too, but especially the kids). Like, when the kids didn't respond to his texts asking them to come over and open Christmas presents in 2013, he allegedly texted the following message back:

“tell mom to go eat pork and die. Yu r both REALLY F--KING RUDE. yure mom is a loser. in fact let’s see how well yu all do with my $$$$. c u all in the f--king gutter.”

Yiiiiiikes. Other (again, alleged) text messages include one to Lola in June 2015 telling her “please thank ur piece of s--t mom for ruining our friendship again call me sometime or I’ll see you around the campus love dad everything she tells you is a lie good bye girls I’m probably gonna jump off a cliff yu can thank mom for that too.” 

Heard enough yet? Because he also (AGAIN, allegedly) threatened to kill Denise when she wouldn't let him in to give Sam money in 2014. 

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Look, we all now know that Sheen has clearly been dealing with quite a lot in recent years, and between the medications (and probably other substances) and the stress and symptoms and so on, there's a certain amount of erratic behavior we can overlook, I suppose. But I certainly understand why Richards is suing -- not only has she had to deal with all of this crap, but now Sheen is backing out of an agreement to provide for his children? There's only so much a mom can take!

Ugh. Let's hope that Sam and Lola are coping as well as can be expected with all of this. I'm sure their mom is doing her absolute best to make sure they're okay!


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