15 Biggest Stars Who Owe Their Fame To YouTube (PHOTOS)

For aspiring musicians, YouTube can offer the opportunity to interact with potential fans, creating a seemingly intimate connection, while gaining exposure, promoting upcoming projects, and possibly earning attention from record labels, radio executives, and industry honchos. Standing out among millions of YouTube users may seem like a far-fetched notion, but these 15 musical acts managed to accomplish precisely this feat.


Some stars, like Lana Del Rey and Jessie J, began posting uploading videos on YouTube in an attempt to take control of their careers following a string of false starts and label-related disappointments. Others, like 5 Seconds of Summer, were just goofing around recording cover songs when audiences took note of their talent. Thanks to its global reach, YouTube has provided the platform for musical acts to move beyond local recognition and reach international acclaim, as was the case with Carly Rae Jepsen and Arnel Pineda. Here are 15 celebs who went supernova right after going viral.


Image via Robb D. Cohen./Retna Ltd./Corbis

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