14 Stars Who Were Raised By Single Dads (PHOTOS)

Julia Warren | Jan 23, 2016 Celebrities
14 Stars Who Were Raised By Single Dads (PHOTOS)

We often celebrate the hard work of single mothers, but when these stars win their next award, they should be thanking Dad. All of these celebs were raised by single fathers after they lost their moms due to illness, divorce, or a tragic accident.

Losing your mother at a young age is never easy, but many of these actors, singers, and athletes used their defining moment of loss to come out stronger and go after their dreams.


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  • Princes William & Harry


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    Perhaps the world's most famous siblings raised by a single dad, Princes William and Harry famously lost their mother, Princess Diana, in a 1997 car crash in Paris while being chased by paparazzi. William was 15 and Harry was just 12. Dad Prince Charles saw them to adulthood, remarrying only then.

  • Bono


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    When Irish rocker Bono was 14, his mother suffered a cerebral aneurysm at her father's funeral. She passed away a few days later, leaving his dad Bob to raise Bono and his brother. Several of U2's early hits -- including "I Will Follow" and "Out of Control" -- were inspired by the loss of Bono's mother.

  • Courtney Love


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    When rocker Courtney Love was 12, her mother divorced Courtney's stepfather, Frank Rodriguez, who had legally adopted her, and moved the family to New Zealand with her new husband. Courtney was expelled from school there and her mother sent her back to Oregon to live with her former stepdad. She was legally emancipated at age 16.

  • Maya Rudolph


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    Actress and funny lady Maya Rudolph is the daughter of soul singer-songwriter Minnie Riperton, best known for her single "Lovin' You." Unfortunately, Minnie passed away from breast cancer when Maya was 7, and her producer father, Richard, raised Maya and her brother Marc. Maya paid tribute to her mother by naming her first and third daughters, Pearl Minnie and Minnie Ida, after her.

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  • Molly Shannon


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    At age 4, comedian Molly Shannon was in a car accident that killed her mother, younger sister, and cousin. She was raised by dad James and appeared in the 2014 documentary The (Dead Mothers) Club to discuss the experience of losing her mother at such a young age.


  • Hugh Jackman


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    When Aussie hottie Hugh Jackman was 8, his mother left his family -- including his siblings two brothers and two sisters, and their dad -- to move to England. She broke the news to her kids through a telegram. Hugh later learned that his mother suffered from postpartum depression and struggled as a parent. Jackman was raised by dad 

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  • Paul McCartney


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    Music legend Paul McCartney's mother died of an embolism after surgery for breast cancer when the singer was 14. After the shock of her death, which left Paul and his brother to be raised by their dad Jim. McCartney dealt with his grief by practicing his guitar. McCartney wrote "Let it Be" and "Yesterday" as a tribute to his late mother.

  • Pixie Geldof


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    British model Pixie Geldof's television presenter mom, Paula Yates, tragically died of a heroin overdose on Pixie's tenth birthday. Sadly, Pixie's sister, Peaches, died from the same fate 14 years later. She was raised by dad, musician and humanitarian Bob Geldof.

  • Tom Hanks


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    Tom Hank's father left his mother and took Tom (then five years old), his brother, and his sister with him. Tom hardly saw his mother after that.

  • Dylan McDermott


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    Dyan McDermott's mother died of a gunshot wound to the head when the actor was 5. He was at home during the death, but had been kicked outside by his mother's gangster boyfriend beforehand. The death was ruled an accident until McDermott urged the police to reinvestigate the cold case 45 years later. He was raised by dad Richard.

  • Patricia Heaton


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    When Patricia Heaton was 12 years old, her mom -- also named Patricia -- unexpectedly died from a brain aneurysm. Heaton turned to her Catholic faith to cope with the grief. She and her siblings were raised by their sports columnist dad, Chuck.

  • Apolo Ohno


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    Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno's parents divorced when the was just a year old. Ohno hasn't spoken to his mother since. His father raised him on his own, driving him to speed-skating competitions during his childhood and encouraging him when he wanted to quit the sport.

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  • Jenna Jameson


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    Former 'Queen of Porn' Jenna Jameson's mother died of skin cancer when the actress was just 2. Medical bills from her mother's treatment forced her family to declare bankruptcy and move into a trailer. Jameson and her brother mostly took care of themselves because her father had to work long hours to pay their debts.

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