Kourtney Kardashian Goes to Extreme Measures to Protect Kids From Scott Disick

kourtney kardashianHeartbreaking! Apparently, things aren't good in the world of Scott Disick these days. The dad of three apparently has been battling his share of "demons" as of late, and it's now affecting the kids. Kourtney limited Scott's time with the children to just one day a week recently until he figures out how to deal with his issues. So sad. 


Despite the fact that it seemed like he was making progress, apparently Scott has had some setbacks and isn't doing well now. Initially, he was seeing the kids as often as he liked, but now Kourtney has cut back on his time with them. 

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A source told Hollywood Life that Kourtney's feeling incredibly torn these days, because, while her kids are her number one priority, she wants to be there for Scott as much as possible. An insider said:

She wants to be a good mom and at the same time a good ex to Scott. She still has a lot of love for the father of her kids, but her bigger priority right now is keeping her brood safe.

Hopefully, not being able to see his kids as often as he'd like will be the motivation Scott needs to make his recovery a priority. But, as we've seen countless times already, that doesn't appear to always be the case with him. 

Here's to hoping Scott gets his act together -- and that Kourtney has the strength to stick to her guns for the sake of her family. 


Image via VIPix/Splash News

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