Penelope Disick's $8,000 Birkin Bag Is the Perfect Toddler Accessory (PHOTO)

penelope disick

Oh, to be a child in the Kardashian family. Earlier on this week, Penelope Disick was carrying an $8,000 Birkin bag while she ran around with mom Kourtney Kardashian and little brother Reign. The bag is tiny and pink and matched her sweater perfectly, but seriously? An $8,000 purse for a toddler?!


Penelope looked perfectly comfy carrying a bag that's more than some people's yearly mortgage. No doubt, this little cutie is being bred to enjoy the finer things in life. Wonder what's in her bag? Crayons? A doll head? A few Legos?

penelope disick

Kourtney and the kids were in Beverly Hills for a mommy and me class, which is pretty adorable. But still. An $8,000 bag?! The Disick kids have seemed surprisingly "ordinary" up until this point. I mean, sure, we knew they got more than the average kiddo, but who knew they were rolling like this?

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Hopefully, Kourtney, or whoever gave Penelope the bag, also taught her the importance of taking care of things. Because, let's be honest, no 3-year-old knows the difference between an $8,000 bag and one from the dollar store. 

Looking good, Penny. I'm sure you turned many a head on the streets of Beverly Hills. No doubt, there are plenty of women in their 50s who would kill for a bag like that. 


Images via Splash News; Clint Brewer/Splash News

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