Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Being Pressured into Having Another Baby

At long last, we have a Duchess of Cambridge baby rumor we haven't heard before. Kate Middleton is reportedly being pressured into having a third baby — by husband Prince William.


Kate gave birth to Princess Charlotte last May and, as we know, as her hands were full with 2-year-old Prince George, as well. But Celebrity Dirty Laundry is reporting that Prince William is actually the one who is trying to pressure her into having a third baby right away, and that it may be causing issues between them.

True or not, this gossip is wildly different from anything we've previously read about how the duchess is desperate to get pregnant right away because she wants upwards of four children, would like them to be close in age, and feels like, at age 34, she shouldn't wait much longer before trying.

Apparently, William, 33, is looking around at other royal couples who are expecting children (including, perhaps, Queen Jetsun Pema and King Jigme of Bhutan, whom they are expected to meet this spring) and is feeling baby fever again. And, contrary to what we've been told, Kate is the one trying to put the brakes on his expectations.

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There's some speculation that Kate isn't ready to deal with the health issues that accompanied her pregnancies with both George and Charlotte (she suffered extreme morning sickness). There's also some talk about whether she'll even want to have more children or if she's set with one boy and one girl.

At the end of the day, there is zero evidence — and William hasn't said a word to lead us to believe — that there is any truth to this rumor. Even if William wants another baby, I highly doubt that would be a reason for them to fight — and I'm sure he would understand Kate's desire to wait, considering how their little girl hasn't even celebrated her first birthday yet.

The world needs to step back and let the royal couple enjoy raising their two small children. Whatever happens in terms of a third baby will happen on their terms — and I have a good feeling they're on the same page here. 


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