Raunchy Joke Doesn't Phase Kate Middleton on 'Downton Abbey' Set

kate middletonBeing a fan of Downton Abbey and having certain princess privileges, Kate Middleton visited the set on a day when Joanne Froggatt and Michelle Dockery had a scene in Lady Mary's bedroom. After the scene, Froggatt inadvertently made a raunchy comment to the duchess, who handled it just as we thought she would.


Froggatt was on Conan spilling all the details. The scene that Kate was there for happened in Lady Mary's bedroom -- Lady Mary is played by Dockery. But while chatting with Froggatt after the scene, Kate said that she felt strange being in Lady Mary's bedroom. A harmless thing to say -- and with a chuckle. It was Froggatt's response that could be taken in a raunchy way. She replied, 'Yeah, not many people get to come in Lady Mary's bedroom."

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Now it all depends on how dirty your mind is -- and that's what freaked Froggatt told Conan. "And then I was like, 'Oh my god. What have I just said?' I've just said something that could be taken really the wrong way … and I thought, 'Do I say? Do I draw attention to it?'" 

She didn't. She kept mum. The words just hung there and Kate ignored it, too. I'm thinking that inside she had a little laugh. But oh my goodness I would be so embarrassed if I was Froggatt. I would probably have continued to put my foot in my mouth and laughed, perhaps even followed up with something inappropriate. That happens sometimes when people get nervous. But she kept her cool, just like Kate.

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Froggatt said that not only was Kate gracious, but she also had an incredible aura about her and she's very beautiful. Just love her! And she really was lucky to be in Lady Mary's bedroom. I won't use that questionable other word.


Image via Paul Marriott/Splash News

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