Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles Are More Serious Than We Thought

Just when we thought that these two crazy kids were playing it cool, it turns out Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles's relationship is more serious than they're letting on. In fact, Harry even gave the supermodel something very special so she'll still feel close to him while they're apart.


Before they disembarked on that killer yacht they vacationed on in St. Barths over the holidays, Harry gifted Kendall with one of his favorite black T-shirts, or at least so says Hollywood Life. Reportedly it's the One Direction star's way of letting Kendall know he'll miss her when they're on separate continents.

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We're happy to hear that the relationship isn't so serious that the two are giving up their individual home bases -- with Kendall living in Los Angeles most of the time and Harry in London. But it does sound awfully cute that they'd trade keepsakes such as the T-shirt.

And even more adorbs, supposedly Kendall joked that she'd never wash it because then it would stop smelling like Harry. Awww ... those two!

We have to wonder what Taylor Swift thinks of this whole thing, especially considering she and Kendall are friends. Taylor often sings about the paper airplane necklace that Harry gave to her while they were dating. We're guessing the T-shirt is Kendall's version of the necklace. That Harry is one smooth operator.


Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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