Prince William & Harry Revealed to Be Mischief-Makers as Kids

prince william harryThe princes William and Harry are now all grown up (33 and 31, respectively), but new details have emerged about what these two princes were like when they were just kids. Chaos and mayhem were two words their cousin Peter Phillips used to describe their childhood.


At 38, Peter is the oldest of the queen's grandsons. He's currently planning his grandmother's 90th birthday celebration happening in June, so he's doing some press. While on Good Morning Britain, Peter spilled the beans on his cousins Will and Harry. And as expected, there was quite a bit of mischief ... royal-style.

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There were enough cousins to form a bit of a gang, and Peter, his sister Zara, William, and Harry used to run wild at Grandma's house at Sandringham. How grand! Can you imagine these kids running around a castle?! There are probably incredible hiding spaces and rooms to get lost in -- and because this is royalty we're talking about, I would image there were a lot of very fine items all about the castle. Breakable items. Peter said that even though they all ran around a lot and "caused quite a bit of mayhem and chaos," they didn't break too many things. Something tells me that Harry was the most mischievous of the bunch. I think that's something that Prince George will inherit from his uncle. There's something about Will and Kate's son that makes me think he's a bundle of trouble -- of the sweetest variety.

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But Peter did note that it wasn't all just wild times at Buckingham Palace and Sandringham. He noted how the queen grandmum was and is such an "inspiration" and that she has such dedication not only to the country, but also to her family: "...her work ethic and her dedication is something that I think the whole family has always aspired to, at least get somewhere near." That's so sweet to hear.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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