Khloe Kardashian Almost Became a Foster Mom

khloe kardashian

Awww, so sweet. During the premiere of her new show, Kocktails With Khloe, Khloe Kardashian revealed the she and Lamar Odom thought about fostering children while they were married -- regardless of whether they got pregnant or not. 


During the show, Khloe got very candid with her guests, including her sister Kendall Jenner and Snoop Dogg. She revealed that she's always loved children and if she never had become famous, she wanted to be a preschool teacher or social worker. Kendall backed her sister up, saying that Khloe was essentially her "second mom" growing up. Kendall also threw her "first mom" Kris Jenner under the bus when she said that Kris would go out to lunch every day when she was younger because she knew Khloe would take care of her. 

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From her support for Lamar and her brother Rob to how she interacts with her nieces and nephews, Khloe has always seemed to be a wonderful nurturer. No doubt, she would have made an incredible foster parent, which, as everyone knows, is no easy task. 

Perhaps when Khloe is ready to settle down again, she'll consider being a foster parent once more. Without question, whoever wound up in her home would be one lucky child. It doesn't seem to get much more patient than Khloe.


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