Amy Schumer Fights Back After Being Called a Joke Thief in Damning Video

Some damning evidence about our new favorite It Girl was published on Wednesday, January 20, when a Vimeo user uploaded a video that seems to clearly show Amy Schumer ripping off her jokes from other comedy acts. But this girl wasn't about to let it stand, so she took to social media to clear her name.


This cringeworthy video splices other comedy routines with some of Amy's bits, and it does look like she's plagiarized some of her material.

But that might not be the case. Amy not only tweeted a denial that she has ever swiped jokes from another act, but she also did a podcast interview on the Jim Norton Advice Show on Sirius XM's Opie Radio.

After being accused of stealing jokes from Kathleen Madigan, Wendy Liebman, Tammy Pescatelli, and the late Patrice O'Neal, Schumer talked to Norton and insisted that she's never done such a thing. She even said she's willing to take a polygraph test to prove her innocence.

"I would never, ever do that, and I never have," she confessed. "I have to come up with so much material for my TV show, this movie, stand-up. And I'm so careful. I will literally take a polygraph. And I just would never do that. That would be so stupid for me to do that."

But she has a theory as to why someone might want to hurt her reputation. "Both Kathleen and Wendy know me and they don't believe I would do that, I think this is Tammy's trying to get something going," she shared.

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Apparently, she and Tammy got into a thing a couple years ago, which had something to do with Tammy's insulting Amy's best friend, comedienne Rachel Feinstein, and resulted in Amy's blocking Tammy on Twitter. Amy postulated that perhaps Tammy posted the vid out of jealousy. "I don't think she's got much going on, this is my guess. I think people get upset by success," she offered.

I believe her. I mean, who hasn't wanted to be able to sleep-exercise? Besides, all of these performers are hilarious -- it's totally possible they came up with similar material for their own shows. And like Amy said ... she has to come up with so much material, it's bound to happen that once in a while she's going to think of something that someone else has before. It doesn't mean she stole the idea.


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