'Clueless' Star Stacey Dash Wants to Get Rid of Black History Month & She Kind of Has a Point

Say what? Fox News contributor Stacey Dash doesn't think BET should exist ... or even Black History Month, for that matter. The black Republican addressed the Oscars controversy over the lack of minority nominees in the major categories, and the Internet was outraged but what she had to say.


The Clueless alum, 49, told host Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends Wednesday morning that she thinks the debate is "ludicrous," since networks like BET have award shows largely for black recipients.


Of course BET responded several hours later, calling her "clueless," and setting up a gallery on its website of times they believed Dash said something dumb. You know, because it was something that they didn't agree with.

But is she really wrong? When confronted about why she would want to stop celebrating Black History Month, she responded, "We're Americans, period."

She also took to her blog the same day, citing Morgan Freeman's thoughts on Black History Month. The Oscar winner stated in an old interview for 60 Minutes that he thought the notion was "ridiculous." He told the host, "You're gonna relegate my history to a month?"

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Why do we spend one month out of the year specifically learning about black history? Why can't it just be history, regardless of race, throughout the whole year? When you think about it, it doesn't really make sense. I think most of us can agree that equality is the goal, and segregation is bad ... so why do we still do it?

People may be outraged by what she said, but she actually made a pretty good point for integration. After all, no matter what we look like, we're still Americans at the end of the day. Let's celebrate that more often, and stop trying to divide by race.


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