15 Stars Who Got Rid of Tattoos About Their Exes After Breaking Up (PHOTOS)

Zayda Rivera | Jan 20, 2016 Celebrities

They say nothing lasts forever, and that sucks especially for folks who got tattoos for their lovers and were stuck with them after the relationship expired. Good thing there's laser removal, which may be excruciatingly painful, but at least take away the inky stains from a failed romance. And if nothing else, unwanted names and faces can be artfully covered up.

Check out these 15 stars who got rid of tattoos referencing their ex after the split. We're betting next time, they'll stick to the Chinese character for "never again."


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  • Melanie Griffith


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    Melanie Griffith showed her love for Antonio Banderas by tattooing his name on her arm, surrounded by a filigree heart. But shortly following the announcement of their split in 2014 after nearly 20 years of marriage she began laser treatments to have it removed

  • Kaley Cuoco


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    Following Kaley Cuoco's split from Ryan Sweeting in 2015 she got her tattoo commemorating the date of their wedding covered up. The body art was on the back of her neck in Roman numerals, but she's since replaced it with a huge moth.  

  • Angelina Jolie


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    Before Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie's man was Billy Bob Thornton and she wanted the world to know by tattooing his name on her arm. At the early stages of her romance with Pitt she began the treatments to have her ex's name removed. Jolie eventually replaced it with geographical coordinates of each of her six children's birthplaces. She later said: "I'll never be stupid enough to have a man's name tattooed on me again."

  • Eva Longoria


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    Eva Longoria may be engaged to Mexican businessman Jose Antonio Baston, but she was once Tony Parker's wife. During her marriage to the NBA star she got a few tattoos in his honor like the number nine -- his number on the San Antonio Spurs -- written out on the back of her neck. In 2012, almost two years after their divorce, Longoria began the treatments to have all the tats dedicated to Parker removed. 

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  • Heidi Klum


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    Heidi Klum is still trying to remove the arm tattoo she got while married to Seal. She got the tat, a stylized version of his name, in 2008 to commemorate her vow renewal with the singer. "We wanted to have our names tattooed together," she once said. "So it's my husband's name and our three children - their initials, in the (three) stars." After several rounds of treatments the tat remains although it's a lot lighter. 

  • Adrienne Bailon


    Image via Celebrity Monitor/Splash News/Corbis

    Adrienne Bailon expressed just how deep her love for Rob Kardashian was by...tattoing his name on her butt. After they broke up she lived with the evidence of their romance for six years before starting laser treatments to have it removed. She allowed Extra cameras to follow her to one of her doctor visits on her -- painful -- journey to be rid of the ink. 

  • Marc Anthony


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    Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez were once the "it" couple. They were so in love that he tattooed her name on his wrist. But being tagged "Jennifer" after they divorced wasn't a good fit, so the salsa singer, who is now married to model Shannon De Lima, covered it up with swirls

  • Denise Richards


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    When Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were madly in love with each other, she showed it by tattooing his name on her inner ankle. She has since covered his moniker with the wings of a fairy

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  • Kat Von D


    Image via Instagram/Splash News

    Tattoo artist and TV star Kat Von D is covered in tattoos but she found an open spot for a childhood portrait of her ex Jesse James on her rib cage. After their relationship ended, the celeb tattoo artist was quick to get the ink removed and shared an Instagram photo of the procedure. Ouch! 

  • Tom Arnold


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    Imagine it: Tom Arnold wanted to save his marriage to Roseanne Barr so badly that he got her face tattooed on his chest -- a grueling 12-hour procedure -- to try and save their marriage, which was riddled with drug and alcohol abuse. "Stupidest thing I ever did," he said, quite bluntly. It took 18 months of painful procedures to remove.  

  • Christina Aguilera


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    Christina Aguilera wanted to honor her ex-husband Jordan Bartman by having his initials tattooed on her forearm with the words "Te amo siempre" (I'll always love you). But the combination of Hebrew characters that should have been JB is actually the number 12. Now that Aguilera is long over that marriage she's likely pleased with the mixup but is still in the process of having it removed. 

  • Russell Brand


    Image via Rolling Stone

    Russell Brand was all too happy to show off the matching tattoo he got with ex-wife Katy Perry when he appeared on a cover of Rolling Stone in 2011. By the following year he was having the Sanskrit tattoo, which read "Anuugacchati Pravaha" meaning "go with the flow," removed

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  • Kathy Griffin


    Images via London Entertainment/Splash News, Fitzroy Barrett/Splash News

    Kathy Griffin doesn't like wearing rings so she opted to tattoo a wedding ring on her finger during her marriage to Matt Moline, which ended in 2006. In 2012, she still had it but has since started laser treatments. "I have one tattoo on my whole body like an a****** and it's a f****** wedding ring and I'm divorced," she once said. 

  • Katie Price


    Images via Tony Clark/Splash News, Splash News

    When Katie Price was married to Peter Andre, she added "Pete" above an existing crown tattoo. Once the couple traveled to Splitsville, so did the ink. She started removing it by tattooing an "X" over the name. Eventually, she got a full design to cover over his name completely

  • Johnny Depp


    Image via Splash News/Corbis

    Ah, young love. When Johnny Depp got "Winona Forever" tattooed on his arm he must have really believed he'd be with Winona Ryder forever. After they broke up, he altered the tat slightly by removing the "na" at the end of her name so it now reads "Wino Forever." 

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