Princess Diana Used to 'Hide Out' at a Certain Celebrity's House

When Princess Diana and Prince Charles were raising Prince William and Prince Harry, they couldn't escape the constant media scrutiny that became an unattractive (and ultimately dangerous) part of their everyday existence. But one Hollywood star befriended them and offered them shelter from the storm. Prince Will, Prince Harry, and Diana used to hide out at Kurt Russell's home -- and, yes, you just read that sentence correctly!


Princess Diana reportedly met up with the actor, who has been living with Goldie Hawn for years, at the royal premiere of Backdraft. After confiding in him that she felt anxious about being chased down by paparazzi, he apparently offered up the 70-acre Colorado estate he shares with Goldie so that Diana, Will, and Harry could use it to have "a nice getaway."

Kurt was seated at the premiere between Diana and then-husband Prince Charles at the time and now admits things didn't seem to be going well for the royal couple. Considering how the event took place one year before they officially split, I think it's easy to see why he'd get that feeling.

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It took a few years for Diana to work up the courage to take Kurt up on his generous offer, but the Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson) eventually worked out the details with Goldie -- and Diana, William, and Harry traveled to Colorado, where they spent 10 days on Kurt and Goldie's ranch.

How freaking random and cool is that? Will was 13 at the time and Harry was 10 and they both got their mom to take them on a white-water rafting trip because they are the most normal royals on the planet. Neither Kurt nor Goldie were at the house at the same time, but Diana reportedly got to know their housekeeper very well and would continue to send her Christmas cards every year.

My only question now is: How long before Harry and Kate Hudson get together? She's totally his type, he's a hot royal, and now we know they share something very cool in common. Come on, guys, make it happen.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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