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20 Rising Stars to Watch in 2016 (PHOTOS)

While Hollywood loves a "sure thing," every year a fresh crop of newcomers arrive on the scene, determined to break out of obscurity and become the next Jennifer Lawrence or Miley Cyrus. And while most of these up-and-comers fall short of that goal, there will be at least one or two newly minted A-listers in 2016. Will Oscar nominee Brie Larson be one of them?

Click through for 20 actors, models, and musicians poised to break out this year.

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1Alicia Vikander

It's hard to believe that Swedish actress Alicia Vikander landed on our radar by snagging not one, but two, highly coveted roles in 2015 movies: the supportive wife in The Danish Girl and the robot with her own mind in Ex Machina. With such impressive film credits to her name and a role in the upcoming Bourne Surpremacy sequel, everyone is going to be paying close attention to Alicia's career in 2016.

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2Scott Eastwood

He's hunky and the son of a movie legend, so it's no surprise that Scott Eastwood (son of Clint) might have a fast pass to stardom. In 2016, he will try to escape his father's shadow with a starring role in the highly anticipated action flick Suicide Squad

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3Brie Larson

Fans of The United States of Tara recognize her as the daughter on the Showtime series or from roles in movies such as Trainwreck or 21 Jump Street, but for most of us, Brie Larson's amazing performance in Room is what cemented her as a talent to watch. Considering that she already won a Golden Globe and may be close to snagging an Oscar for the role, we think it's just a matter of time before Brie starts making regular appearances on the covers of magazines.

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4Daisy Ridley

As the star of the biggest box office movie opening of all time, it's safe to say that Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley is going to be a household name very soon.

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In case you're thinking, Halsey who? Let us introduce you to the next possible big star in pop music. A 21-year-old singer from New Jersey, Halsey first began her career by posting YouTube videos and quickly signed a record contract. Last year, she released her debut album and went on tour, becoming the most talked about artist at the SXSW music festival. If you haven't heard her music yet, it's likely just a matter of time before you will.

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6Who Is Fancy

For a long time, no one actually knew who Who Is Fancy was. The 21-year-old singer released "Goodbye," a single that quickly rose to the top of the music charts in 2015, but kept his identity a secret, creating curiosity and buzz. Who Is Fancy finally revealed himself last year during an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. With his catchy music and mysterious persona, he seems like a possible 2016 contender to Lady Gaga's pop music throne.

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7Gal Gadot

Israeli actress Gal Gadot had to fend off a lot of male attention when it was revealed that she would be playing Wonder Woman in a slew of new movies. The first film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, will be released this year. If playing opposite Ben Affleck's Batman doesn't make her a star, there's always 2017, when she will headline her own Wonder Woman movie.

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8Gigi Hadid

Move over, Kate Upton. There's a new blonde, all-American model in town, and she's got the curves and cleavage to prove it. Gigi Hadid, 20, appeared on a bevy of magazine covers in 2015, and if her recent Instagram note to her fans is any indication, she is going to be everywhere in 2016: "#giforce, you helped make 2015 a year I will never forget... I have so much coming for you in 2016. Cheers to yoouuuuu."

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9Matt Bomer

2016 might just be the year that Matt Bomer transitions from TV actor to bona fide movie star. Sure, the handsome actor has already accumulated a fan base from his work on TV shows such as White Collar and American Horror Story, but his starring turn as the titular character in the upcoming Montgomery Clift biopic might just garner him some award show buzz.

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10Cara Delevingne

There's aren't many models these days that can be referred to as a "super" model, but if anyone deserves that title, it might just be Cara Delevingne. Only 23 years old, the model-slash-actress has become a social media queen, starred in a high-profile film, and had several Hollywood romances in a very short amount of time. We're eager to see what she will wow us with in 2016. 

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11Bella Hadid

If Gigi Hadid is one to watch in 2016, so is her younger sister and fellow model Bella Hadid, who seems to be following her sister into the limelight.

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12Emory Cohen

He stole our hearts last year as the romantic lead in the Oscar-nominated film Brooklyn and has been lauded by critics as "extraordinary" and "one of the most exciting actors of his generation." With that kind of praise, it seems like very little stands in the way of Emory Cohen becoming Hollywood's next go-to leading man.

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13Melissa Benoist

She may only have a few credits to her name, but thanks to her starring role on CBS' well-received Supergirl series, actress Melissa Benoist has earned a place on our shortlist for 2016 breakout contenders. 

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14Jinjoo Lee

When you think of the typical stereotype of a professional rock and roll guitarist, a spirited Korean girl like Jinjoo Lee probably doesn't come to mind, but that might be about to change in 2016. As the lead guitarist in Joe Jonas's band, DNCE, Jinjoo has stolen the spotlight away from her fellow bandmates on more than one occasion.

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15Jasmine Tookes

As one of the newest Victoria's Secret Angels, model Jasmine Tookes will be turning heads in 2016, and not just because of her career. Her relationship with super-hot fellow model Tobias Sorensen is making people take notice.

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16Taron Egerton

British actor Taron Egerton earned America's attention with his starring role in Kingsman: The Secret Service, and next up are parts opposite Colin Firth in the Kingsman sequel and opposite Hugh Jackman in Eddie the Eagle. Add to that the rumors he might play a young Han Solo in an upcoming Star Wars prequel, and you will have a actor on the verge of major success.

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17Lily-Rose Depp

With her gorgeous looks and several plum parts in movies slated for release in 2016, Lily-Rose Depp would probably be destined to take a spot on the A-list this year even without her dad Johnny Depp's Hollywood royalty status.

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18John Boyega

Is John Boyega the next Denzel Washington? Fans certainly seem to think that the two look alike, and with his starring turn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and a role in an upcoming Tom Hanks film, John may very well be following in Denzel's movie-star footsteps.

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19Kate McKinnon

Although she's one of the funniest comedians currently on SNL, Kate McKinnon's sketch show days might be soon coming to an end, if her role in the all-female Ghostbusters reboot propels her to stardom in 2016 like we think it will.

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20Teresa Palmer

She may look a lot like Kristen Stewart, but Australian actress Teresa Palmer is no shrinking violet. With seven movies slated to be released in 2016, expect to see Teresa nearly every time you go to the cinema this year.

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