Kim Kardashian Has Taken Over a Million Photos of Saint West

kim kardashianSnap happy, anyone? We all know that Kim Kardashian loves taking photos with her phone, but she's taken how many pics of her newborn son?! According to a source, Kim has taken over a million photos of Saint West already in preparation for his debut. Seriously. How much memory does this woman have?!


A source recently told OK! magazine that Kim has gone "photo crazy over Saint," taking over 1.2 million photos of him. The source also claims that, not surprisingly, the baby is "extremely good-looking, even better-looking than North." Because, you know, comparing children's appearances is always a classy thing to do. 

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While it seems absolutely insane that Kim would have been able to take that many photos of someone who was just born, apparently the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star takes "a good 50 snaps" of Saint before he even wakes up. But, don't worry. Kim doesn't use her flash when she's taking pics of her son, because she doesn't want to damage his eyes. Good thinking, Mama. 

From the sound of things, Kim is head-over-heels obsessed with her little boy. If she's taking more photos of him than herself, you know it's true love. Glad to see Kim is enjoying her sweet bundle in a way only she can. 

But, come on now. Show us one of those 1.2 million pics, girl. 


Image via Splash News

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