Palace Addresses Reports Claiming Prince Harry Is Dating a Greek Princess

Another day, another rumor about Prince Harry and a blonde socialite. After folks began speculating that Prince Harry is dating Maria-Olympia, princess of Greece, Palace insiders are setting the record straight.


Maria-Olympia is the gorgeous 19-year-old daughter of Crown Princess Marie-Chantal and Crown Prince Pavlos. Princess Beatrice, who is Harry's cousin, reportedly introduced him to Maria-Olympia and he immediately fell "head over heels," which is something he seems to do with every blonde on the planet, if you believe gossip.

Maria-Olympia was educated in London and has recently moved to New York City, where she'll be attending college at New York University.

She seems like quite a catch -- for someone who isn't already related to her.

Yes, it's true. There aren't many royals on the planet, which means quite a few of them share the same bloodline. In Harry and Maria-Olympia's case, they both call Queen Victoria their great-great grandmother, so yeah, there's that. Even though plenty of members of the royal family have married one another, it's 2016. Maria is about to embark on an exciting single life in Manhattan, and Harry isn't doing so bad for himself in London -- why is everyone obsessed with Harry marrying one of his cousins?

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For what it's worth, palace sources have reportedly laughed off any suggestions that Harry and Maria-Olympia are an item or that they're planning a rendezvous in Switzerland, as some have reported. Seems like a difficult trip to make when you're starting university in an entirely different continent!


Image via Retropix/Splash News

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