15 Of The Most Interesting Facts About Prince Harry

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Prince Harry
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We're just as guilty of admiring Prince Harry for his looks as the next woman with a pulse, but we should also recognize that Harry is so much more than a ruggedly handsome face. As a reminder, we put together some interesting things you might not know about the Duke of Sussex. We can't predict the future, but just in case you meet everyone's favorite red-haired royal someday, you'll be ready to dazzle him with your wit and your knowledge of his childhood pet rabbit.


This is important information people. The royals are so present in the media, but when we really stop to think about it, we really don't know them very well. Let's remedy this, shall we? Just because his wife, Meghan Markle, didn't know much about him before they started dating doesn't mean you should be left in the dark. And maybe this means we can finally one-up Meghan on something, right? 

Despite his past reputation, Prince Harry isn't only interested in partying and getting the girls -- although now that he's married, he's definitely not partaking in this kind of thing anymore. He's done a lot for his community, and we think this should be recognized. 

So, do you share our burning desire to learn more about this charming royal? Click through for 15 bits of trivia about Prince Harry!

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