Scott Disick Out Partying Again but as a Very Different Man

scott disickScott Disick has changed. In the past, when out partying, he would really party. Wild antics, drinking, flirting with women -- this was all part of his night. But now the father of three seems to have matured, and Disick proved it while out "partying" last night.


At Mirage's 1 OAK Nightclub in Las Vegas, Scott returned to the scene of many a wild night. He arrived at the club around 12:45 a.m. (standard going-out time in Vegas) and was with his friends in the VIP booth. Typical. But what was different this time is that Scott wasn't drinking, he wasn't whispering in the ears of women -- he was low-key. Just there to have a good time with his pals -- not there to get loaded, pick up women, and further disgrace himself.

Tough love for Scott. For the record, I am totally pulling for him. For his kids' sake.

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Look, once we become parents we can still have a good time. But we have to be responsible. Scott's behavior spiraled out of control and it caused major problems with Kourtney as well as with his kids. That is when a person needs to realize they need to make changes. And I have to hand it to him -- being around that late-night party scene has got to be hard when you want to stay on the straight and narrow. But he's doing it -- he really seems to be serious about focusing on fatherhood -- and I wish him the best. Jury is still out on whether or not he and Kourt should get back together.


Image via Bauer-Griffin/ News

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