Cameron Diaz Is Reportedly the Best Wife Ever

cameron diaz benji maddenA little over a year ago, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden got married. Some thought it was an odd pairing, but what we all know now is that it was perfect. So perfect, in fact, that Benji cannot stop talking about how incredible his wife Cameron is. She's the best wife ever, and we have to celebrate this love!


With all the bad news and celeb divorces and tattoos people get that have to be covered up, here is a beautiful love story. And one we have that lasts forevermore. Benji + Cameron = True Love Always. Just check out his Instagram post.

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As if #lovemywife wasn't enough, Benji has her name tattooed on his chest. I'm thinking that's one that never has to go through any kind of metamorphosis -- this love feels strong and lasting.

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Many will say that Diaz waited a long time to get married, and I suppose she was waiting for the right person to marry -- she's 43 now and got hitched last year. I don't think it matters when you get married, it matters if you get married for the right reasons. Or maybe not. The secret to love is, well, LOVE! Benji has a lot of it for his wife, along with a lot of admiration, which is a beautiful thing. He often gushes about how beautiful she is, how she is his best friend, how he is the luckiest guy to have her in his life -- that's the stuff of forever.

So in a world of bad news and breakups, here is some sweet stuff. Love love love love love!


Image via Mad Max Pepito/Splash News

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