Rob Kardashian Might Not Be Taking Health Scare Seriously After All

rob kardashian, kris jennerDid Rob Kardashian's recent health scare really inspire the 28-year-old reality star to start taking his health seriously? After being hospitalized and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, his family says he's finally making his health top priority -- but rumor has it he's still struggling with old habits.


Rob's condition is pretty scary (he's apparently required to give himself insulin shots once a day), and he was told that it could get a lot worse if he doesn't start exercising and make some significant changes to his diet. But TMZ is reporting that Rob is "halfhearted about the whole thing," and isn't making the effort required to really get his health back on track.

Is it true?? Just a few days ago, sister Khloe Kardashian told Good Morning America that Rob was "doing good," and that she was optimistic about his road to recovery:

"Everything happens for a reason, so that health scare? If that's gonna shake him up a little bit, and jump start his health journey, then great," she said. "I'm right here for him."

And that she is: Sources say that in light of Rob's apparent disinterest in getting better, his family has hired a full-time chef who specializes in diabetes diets to make all of his meals; they've also hired a nutritionist and personal trainer for Rob. But does any of that matter if Rob isn't going to at least meet them halfway?

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It's a level of support many people with similar health issues can only dream about, so here's hoping Rob actually makes the most of these opportunities to change his life. Of course, it can't be easy to do it all in the public eye -- but the public loves nothing better than a great comeback story! You can do it, Rob!!


Image via Photo Image Press/Splash News

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