We Couldn't BE Any Sadder That Matthew Perry Is Skipping the 'Friends' Reunion

matthew perryHere's hoping you didn't get too terribly excited over the news that the entire Friends cast would be reuniting for a tribute to director James Burrows, because it sounds like one very important actor won't be joining the rest of the gang after all. Which one? Here's a hint: Could we BE any more disappointed??


That's right, a representative for Matthew Perry says that the actor will not in fact be attending the event on February 21, even though NBC's announcement about the tribute led countless fans to believe that all six cast members would be onstage, at the same time, TOGETHER. In an email to reporters, Perry's rep Lisa Kasteler explained the sad reality:

Matthew will not be attending as he is in London in rehearsals for his play, The End of Longing, which begins previews on Feb. 2 at the playhouse Theatre. NBC executives were aware of this prior to their TCA announcement yesterday. Matthew may tape something for the tribute. In other words, this is not the reunion people have been hoping for.

Well. WELL!! This is all we have to say about that:

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Seriously, this is a HUGE bummer. It's just not Friends without Chandler!! To be fair, of course, it's not like they're making a Friends movie or rebooting the series sans Perry -- this is just a one-time appearance -- and Perry clearly has some very important career stuff going on, which is great. You know, for him. But still! 

Also to be fair, in his original announcement about the tribute, NBC head Bob Greenblatt did sort of try to warn everybody that the entire cast might not actually all end up in the same room: "I'm not sure we can logistically pull that off," he said. But we wanted to believe, Bob! We wanted to believe SO BADLY!!

Oh well, Friends fans, we'll just have to keep on hoping. 


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