Khloe Kardashian Playing Charades Is Something You've Just Gotta See (VIDEO)

Brace yourself for laughs, because Khloe Kardashian played charades on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Danny DeVito, and Norman Reedus last night -- and it is nothing short of hilarious. Things got particularly amazing when KoKo launched into a Baywatch-style beach run.


Khloe was partnered with Danny for the game, and we're thinking these two might want to considering playing charades together professionally. Their team spirit is phenomenal.

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When Khloe draws Baywatch as the thing she has to act out, our girl launches into her best Pamela Anderson run. Seriously, the producers must've set her up for this ... in a fun way. And when Danny chooses Gold Digger, things really get interesting.

So there you have it: Now you know exactly which Kardashian you should choose when picking teams for charades with them. Because, you know, that's very likely to happen. Next game night is at Khloe's!


Image via Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

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