Kris Jenner Has Reportedly Gained Over 70 Pounds (PHOTOS)

This really kind of came out of nowhere, but there's a new report claiming that Kris Jenner has gained 72 pounds because of stress and family strife. What the what? We can completely commiserate with finding comfort in food when we're feeling overwhelmed, but we're struggling to see where Kris has added this weight.


For example, here's a photo of Kris enjoying a night out in July 2015, wearing a body-hugging black dress and looking pretty darn fabulous. This was taken about a month after Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world, but is months before Lamar Odom overdosed and Rob Kardashian was diagnosed with diabetes.

The next photo shows Kris at the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment breakfast at the beginning of December. This comes after meeting Caitlyn face-to-face for the first time and dealing with months of Lamar drama, plus concern for Rob's health. Granted, the dress has a different shape, but we think Kris looks exactly the same.

Maybe we're just not as nitpicky about women's body types (hello -- everyone fluctuates!), but we think Kris remains in fantastic shape. Seventy-two pounds seems like a lot of weight to allege that she gained, but perhaps we're wrong.

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Either way, Kris is the hardest-working woman in the biz, and the fact that she doesn't crack under the pressure on a regular basis is a pretty amazing achievement to us.


Images via Gotcha Images/Splash News; Jen Lowery/Splash News

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