Jana Duggar is 26 Years Old & Still Has to Take Care of Her Siblings

She may have just turned 26, but Jana Duggar still doesn't seem to have a life outside of caring for her many younger siblings. Jana and her twin John David Duggar celebrated their birthday on January 12, just days after they were spotted filming with a few of the little kids.


Also ... what the heck is going on with the cameras? TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting after Josh Duggar's horrendous molestation scandal last spring. They brought Jill and Jessa back for a three-part special in December, but just this week a network exec said that they were undecided about moving forward with keeping the Duggar family on the air.

Anyway, an owner of a lumberyard near the Duggars' Arkansas compound told Radar Online that the twins were there with at least three younger siblings, just days before their 26th birthday. Ridout Lumber's Jim Logsdon said that he was contacted the day before they showed up to purchase materials for a tree house.

"The production company from Nashville called me last week. It was the day before they wanted to come in and film. Then the normal camera guy for the family called me and then John David did," he explained.

"He sent over a list of things they needed to build a tree house. He wanted to make sure we have the stuff. We got it all together."

Logsdon also mentioned that parents Jim Bob and Michelle were nowhere in sight, and that Jana ran the show. She even knew whether she wanted 4" grooves or 8" grooves. "She was the one giving all the instructions," he said.

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First of all, it's totally cool that Jana apparently knows things about building stuff. And while it isn't necessarily weird for an awesome big sister to help out with building a tree house, it should be a part of her life, and not consume it.

Jana still lives at home, and is often seen doing nothing but caring for her younger siblings. That is the model prescribed by the Duggars' patriarchal religion, but that doesn't mean that it's right. I'd love so much to see Jana go out and pursue her own interests, maybe go to college, or even ... on an unchaperoned date!

I'm not saying she should go out and be wild. I'm just saying that at 26, it's okay to move away from your nuclear family and explore what you want to do with your life. She might be surprised to find out that she has more to offer the world than childcare, cooking, and sewing.


Image via TLC

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