Prince George's Nursery School Is Already Preparing Him to Be King

The future heir to the throne is learning one of the best lessons possible at his preschool -- and it doesn't involve math, science, or reading (yet). Prince George's Montessori school is teaching him to be more independent, which will certainly come in handy when he's old enough to wear that crown!


Two-year-old George just started a preschool program at Westacre Montessori school in Norfolk, and he is already being taught essential life skills that are bound to make Kate Middleton and Prince William jump with joy. Director of Training Louise Livingston told People: "There is a lot of focus on independence and helping children do things for themselves and make their own decisions and their own choices."

Instead of offering typical toys like dolls and trucks, Montessori schools set up "practical life" stations in their classrooms, where young children work on skills like hooking zippers, fastening buttons, pouring drinks, and even using paper clips in order to build their fine motor skills.

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George is in a program with children who are older than him -- Montessori doesn't separate based on age. The philosophy behind this is that the younger children learn from the older children and the older kids learn by helping those younger than them. If you think about it, that mirrors how we learn in real life, so it's a cool concept.

Kate and Will are only sending George to school for a few hours, a few days a week to start -- which is smart because it will allow for a smooth transition to school.

As a parent who is sending her daughter to a Montessori preschool this year, I can vouch for how it fosters independence in young children, though I don't believe those skills are exclusive to Montessori learners. Yes, my child's teachers make them clean up the classroom after lunch, with a broom and a rag and all, and I love how I no longer have to ask her 15 times to get dressed in the morning. But if we don't reinforce those skills at home, no matter where our children attend school, none of it matters.

In George's case, given the fact that he has very involved parents and vigilant nannies, he'll succeed no matter where he goes to school -- but it sounds like Montessori is the perfect option for him right now.


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