6 Ways David Bowie Is Still Sending Messages to Fans

Many people are still sad about the death of the legendary David Bowie. And since his passing, people have been discovering some very neat little hints that show that David Bowie may have planned his death very carefully. Better yet, he may have even left some "Easter Eggs" for his fans to discover after his passing. 


Here are some of the connections that have been discovered. 

1. His final follow on Twitter was way spiritual.

If you go to Bowie's official Twitter account, you'll find the last account he followed. Yep, that's right. He followed "God." Kind of makes us want to riff off of Judy Blume's famous book title: Are You There God? It's Me ... Bowie.


2. His link to Elvis follows him from birth to death.

This recently discovered unreleased Elvis Presley song has the same name as Bowie's final album, Blackstar. Not only was Bowie a big Elvis fan, but they also shared the same birthday. And then, there are these lyrics. We'll give you a second.

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3. He seemingly said farewell to fans through his video for "Lazarus."

The video for the song "Lazarus" was released four days before he died. Despite his reported plans for a post-Blackstar album (he had five new songs in the works!), many might see the video as a way of saying good-bye. To get all biblical, Lazarus is also known as Lazarus of the Four Days ... because it was believed he came back to life four days after he died. Well, Bowie, to us, you'll live forever.

4. The title of his album Blackstar might have medical meaning.

A black star is also a medical term for a type of cancer lesion. His longtime producer says that Bowie apparently knew since November that his cancer was terminal.

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5. This strange sculpture -- of a black star -- recently appeared.

Reddit User Mindkiller317 uploaded this image with the caption: "This eerily prophetic art installation went up a few days ago at Kyoto University of Art and Design in Japan... A Blackstar fallen to Earth." We haven't been able to find more information about this, but it's interesting. Bowie was hugely popular in Japan and he loved Japan and its people.

6. He died to warn us all about Planet X? (We know, but read on...)

This is just too bizarre not to include. Doomsdayers are convinced the new release is a coded message telling us Earth is heading for a cosmic crash or catastrophic near miss with the . So this one is kinda silly and weird, but it just adds to how much fans and non-fans alike are reading into Bowie's death.

Some of these connections are way too obvious to dispute. And because Bowie was regarded as a genius, it's not hard to believe that he viewed his death the same way he viewed his other artistic endeavors -- as a way to connect with his fans across the globe. 


Image via © Rune Hellestad/Corbis 

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